Shipping Terms and Conditions


Where do you ship fish?

Currently I ship fish within the continental USA only.

What form of payment do you take?


What are my shipping choices?

I offer USPS Priority 1-3 Day shipping. This is what most betta shippers use.


If you have a DOA (Dead on arrival), you must email me ( a clear photo within an hour of the fish being delivered. I will refund or credit the cost of the betta, but not for shipping.


I do not offer returns for live fish. Buying a live animal is a commitment for the lifetime of the pet.

Each fish will be fasted for 24 to 48 hrs prior to shipping. This will ensure that it will not produce more waste in the shipping bag that would pollute the shipping water. The fish will be double bagged securely with 1/3 water and 2/3 air. Do not be alarmed by the yellow or blue-tinted water. This is due to Tannins I add to the water for shipping (anti-fungal and antibacterial properties) or due to methelyne blue.  The fish will then be placed in a box insulated with Styrofoam to help protect the fish from the outside temperatures and held in place by a packing material. For shipping in cooler weather, I can use heat packs.

During shipping Bettas may become stressed and pale. If you bought a marble Betta then your fish may Marble (change color) slightly during shipping.

I reserve the right to hold onto your fish if I feel that shipping temperatures are too dangerous.

If you’re a minor, please get the permission of your parents.